9 Diversities (1998)

9 Diversities for electronic media


The residing computer music guru at Michigan State is Dr. Mark Sullivan, an intense-looking man of musical brilliance whose hard-as-nails glare belies the gentle, world-wise soul within. I did my requisite electronic music classes with him at the tail end of my doctoral studies, and "9 Diversities" is the final result of those experimentations. In general I dislike purely computerized music because the "performance" ends up being whatever recording you make, which seems to do an end-run around the whole audience/performer bit; however, I was quite pleased with this piece when I was finished. The nine short movements are loosely related in an arch form, and I definitely enjoyed synthesizing my own sounds out of nothing, as it were. I especially took great delight in creating sounds that had an inherent rhythmic element, and then using that rhythm to spin off an underlying pulse in some of the movements.


(Available from the composer)