Concerto for Clarinet (1999)

Concerto for Clarinet (with orchestra or piano accompaniment). 1999


My largest work to date, this concerto filled a double purpose: it served as my doctoral thesis and was also a big thanks to my mother, Sandy Honsinger, for all the help and support she gave me through my long college career. I actually managed to keep it a secret from her as I was working on it, delivering it to her as a Mother's Day present (and consequently making all of my friends feel inadequate for simply sending flowers to THEIR mothers!). Big and complex, the concerto sounds a lot like what I was listening to and playing at the time: some Hindemith, some Honegger, with dashes of Stravinsky thrown in for flavor. In the end it's all me, and remains a piece I'm particularly proud of. Originally with chamber orchestra accompaniment, I received a grant allowing me to hire the talented Alex Zsolt to create a workable piano transcription.

(Available from the composer)