Criss (2008)

Criss for percussion trio

During my undergrad years I was fascinated by Christopher Rouse's piece Bonham, not only because of the thunderous drumming but perhaps even MORE so because here was a Pulitzer and Grammy-award winning composer writing a piece based on the antics of famed Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham. I vowed to not allow Rouse's tribute to be a stand-alone work in this milieu, and I am bringing that pledge to completion with Criss. My musical training may be a textbook "how-to" of collegiate education, but I never would have gotten into music in the first place if I hadn't been introduced to Kiss, especially the drumming of Peter Criss. He comes from a surprising background: that of late-era swing drumming as epitomized by the legendary Gene Krupa, and all of Criss' solos sound very connected to this heritage. I've allowed the piece to be a tight-knit trio (taking my cue from one of Peter's tattoos) and there are easily-discerned strains from his famous recorded solos on Alive! and Alive II.

(Available from C. Alan Publications)