Dark Heart of the Wood (2009)

Dark Heart of the Wood for flute and marimba

This energetic piece was written for Tess Miller and Stacy Jones, together the Everon Duo.  Taking their name from a series of walking songs in J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, they wanted to have a work written that would encompass what the group stands for.  I think they perhaps envisioned a more melancholy and melodic work, but what ended up coming out of my pen was a dense atonal work of high structure, based on serial techniques and Allen Forte tetrachord sets.  A slow, somber opening represents dawn breaking over a forest, followed by a spiraling journey to its center…the "dark heart of the wood."  There, the two instruments engage in a breathtaking, magickal dance.  I took the name from a card in Magic: The Gathering, itself describing a "haunted place where the tree limbs twist in agony and  the ground seems to scuttle under your feet."

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