Episode I (2004)

Episode I for clarinet with electronic accompaniment

This was commissioned by a colleague from my Michigan State days, Wichita State University clarinetist Suzanne Tirk. She wanted a strikingly modern clarinet solo, and I already had the concept for a series of solo pieces which would prominently feature electronic accompaniment; these two ideas seemed perfect for each other. I originally planned to incorporate lots of musique concrete into the piece, but ultimately chose instead to use pre-existing sounds and alter them to achieve my desired sound palette. Much of this work was done on my trusty Korg M1 with additional sounds chosen from a variety of effects sources, all modified and mixed using Digital Performer. The result is a haunting, singing clarinet line placed over a swampy morass of quasi-industrial sounds; this led me to subtitle the piece "In which the factory learns to sing and dance."

(Available from the composer)