Fanfare and Overture (2006)

Fanfare and Overture for concert band

I was contacted by the Central Michigan Area Concert Band to create a piece honoring their longtime conductor Claude Lemmer. Claude is a monster name in Michigan; he's just absolutely huge, among the best of a very fertile period of conductors, and this commission was a true honor. When I sat down with him to hash out the details he passed on the opportunity to be involved in the creation of a programmatic piece, instead preferring to leave the direction entirely up to me. Band president Bill Henderson floated the idea of a piece that begins with a fanfare, which might be used separately from the piece as a whole. I liked that idea, and so set about creating a work that would hopefully continue in the strong tradition of band music that I grew up playing: pieces like the Shostakovich Festive Overture, Copland's Fanfare for a Common Man, and lots of other great music by Grainger, Vaughan-Williams and Nehlybel.

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