Tango Fantasy (2007)

Tango Fantasy for flute, alto flute, guitar and percussion

Tess Miller and I joined forces with Carmen Maret and Andrew Bergeron from the Folias duet to present a series of concerts we dubbed Latin Dance Project. Most of the pieces were arrangements and original compositions created by Carmen & Andy, but there was room on the program for me to write an original piece. At first I wanted to find a practical use for my newly-acquired set of Roland electric V-Drums, and I envisioned a piece called Urban Tango that would be edgy and utilize some of the more far-out sounds the drums are capable of; I even wanted Andy to use his battered Gibson SG! But, in the end, the piece ended up being a much more traditional piece, loosely based on a tango feel appropriate for close dancing and with simple percussive accompaniment. Ah well...next time!

(Available from the composer)