The Summoning Of Katakhanes (2005)

The Summoning Of Katakhanes for percussion duo

This percussion duet was commissioned by Jeff White and Nick Steward, both of whom completed undergrad degrees at CMU under Bob Hohner. The commission is a piece the two will share on their respective Doctoral recitals: Jeff at Michigan State and Nick at the University of Oklahoma. Katakhanes is a Singhalese (i.e., from Ceylon, or Sri Lanka) "vampire demon," and I've had the working title for quite awhile. The piece began life as a big MIDI-controlled synth extravaganza in the mid-1990s, but I conceived the idea to incorporate lots of indigenous drumming patterns and the shared commission seemed like the perfect vehicle. The yak-bera and davula are featured instruments, but the duo rounds out its sound through the use of foot-pedal bass drums and a variety of more easily-obtained drums.

(Available from C. Alan Publications)