Today I Feel... (2003)

Today I Feel... for mezzo soprano and piano


I often create music out of the happy coincidence of two seemingly disparate concepts. I was stunned by the musicality and stage-ownership displayed by my friend Emily Marvosh, and immediately knew I wanted to create a piece of music that allowed her to really delve into her immense emotive capabilites. I imagined a work that was created solely on the basis of pure emotion, and what came to mind? Those silly refrigerator magnet sheets: a bunch of exaggerated cartoon faces, each with a single emotive word beneath ("ecstatic," "furious," "happy," etc.) and a window magnet printed with the words "Today I feel" to move over the faces. The idea is, you come home from work after a long day and move the window magnet over the face that's "exhausted" and everyone in the house knows to stay away from you. Pretty cute. Emily and I sat down and agreed on four basic emotions for the piece: radiant, anguished, sultry and mischievous. And, while those specific words NEVER appear in the text, each movement is designed to portray the emotive title: radiant is the feeling of spring arriving after a long winter, anguished is a woman driven to suicide by her lover's abrupt departure, sultry is the immediate chemistry of making eye contact with a complete (and completely seductive) stranger, and mischievous is the way a kitten will stalk and pounce on her child owner.

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