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A Long Absence

Posted on Aug 22 2008
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I apologize for the absence of news updates here on the site, but once the semester was over last spring I found myself completely enmeshed in non-musical personal business: that is, the renovation of our stairway and second-floor hall, and the birth of my beautiful baby girl in mid-July. Roslyn introduced herself to us on July 16th, coming in at 6 lbs. 7 oz. and 19.5 inches long...and we've been smitten with her ever since!

That's not to say that her arrival completely moved music off the front page, however! If my accomplishments since May have been sidebar items, they are no less important than if they were boldly stated in 48-pt. type. Here are some highlights:

Taiko continues its romp around the country...and the globe! The Japanese-themed percussion ensemble still seems to be a favourite of the college perc-ensemble crowd, and has also been performed in Montreal and Thailand; a performance in Grenada is scheduled for January 2008. Here's hoping that a similar fervor will develop over The Summoning of Katakhanes!

• A very important next step has happened for the Folias Latin Dance Project. After two successful concerts in February and March of this year, we are not only slated to perform in Grand Rapids this coming May, we also have (drum roll, please!) record company interest! That's right, sending the recording of our concert out has succeeded in getting our foot in the door; meeting shall soon commence, with more details as they occur.

• Turns out that a grant application by the Mackinac Island Community Foundation has been awarded, which is good not only for the residents of Michigan's famous Island getaway but ALSO for yours truly. A commissioned piece from me was part of the grant proposal, and now that money is indeed in hand I guess I need to start thinking about how to represent Mackinac adequately, without resorting to writing Scenes of Mackinac II. For those interested in the original trio, it's still available from C. Alan Publications.

I never did get a reply from a query I sent out regarding my symphony project, but that was more or less to be expected. If you never try, you'll NEVER succeed, and the important thing to remember is to not get discouraged by seeming failures. Right now the symphony will be moved to a further-back burner while I gear up for the onset of the Mackinac piece. But before that: Criss is nearing completion, and with an interested party already lined up I may hear a performance of that percussion trio this spring. So, until then:have a safe & familial holiday season, and be kind to your fellow humans. Peace.

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