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Another semester down

Posted on Dec 19 2006
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Which makes it sound MUCH worse than it really was!  But, let's face it, what would life BE without that constant looking-forward to vacation time?  I'm glad to finally set Fall of 2006 behind me, but it was a pretty spectacular semester.  My classes were fine, and my students were relatively well-prepared for their daily activities.  I had a couple of composition lessons this time around, and I'm having fun honing my skills with a variety of students.  That should make NEXT semester quite productive, as I'll assume ALL of the undergraduate comp lessons while the ever-talented Dr. David Gillingham is on sabbatical leave.

Also (large drum roll, please), I put the finishing touches on Fanfare and Overture for wind band.  I've sent a rough (VERY rough!) copy of the score to the band, and hopefully the director will get back to me with suggestions and/ or changes.  I'm a big believer in working closely with my commissioning group, so that they can end up with a piece exactly as they want it, while I still get to indulge my own creative urges.  I know there are hours and hours of editing left to do on the score, but I'm on a deadline to send the final parts in by mid-January, 2007.

Work is progressing nicely on the formerly-titled Urban Tango.  I wanted to use my new Roland V-Drums to create a work that was quirky and rather gritty, but as I began the composition process...well, that just isn't the piece I'm ending up creating.  So, right now I'm using a flute, alto flute, guitar and unspecified percussion.  We'll see what I end up with.  That piece is due for completion by January 8th, with a premiere on February 26th at Albion College.

Hope everyone out there is anticipating a warm holiday season and a 2007 full of bright optimism and full creativity.  See you after Mexico!

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