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Back in the saddle!

Posted on Nov 28 2006
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First, thanks for your patience while has been undergoing necessary updates. For some reason, the SpotLinks hosting server seemed to want to fight with the website, keeping me from posting updates and just generally giving the great people there a giant headache. Technology being what it is - great, but difficult sometimes - I think we're out of the wilderness and back on track to keeping the site much more current.

Second, a giant THANK YOU to SpotLinks for the unyielding tenacity with which you approached my problem. The overall design of the site is supposed to allow me to update things in a no-hassles way, so of course when that logic takes a crap, I feel like abandoning the technology altogether. Your solution seems to be working fine, and I really appreciate it.

Well, on to the news The biggest thing, the one I'll share for right now, is that Fanfare and Overture for wind band is in its final stages. I wrote the last measure a week ago, and just yesterday fitted together that last measure with the rest of the piece. Now all that remains is a few hours of orchestration and I can turn the score and parts over to the Central Michigan Area Concert Band. I know that conductor Claude Lemmer has been itching to get his hands on the piece, and everything seems to be sailing along smoothly. Thanks again to the group for this fantastic opportunity to write a big piece again.

On the horizon? MORE MUSIC! Tess and I are slated to do a couple of performances with the Folias duo (Andrew Bergeron and Carmen Maret), and I'm writing a piece for flute/flute/guitar/percussion titled either Junkyard Tango or Urban Tango; I'm not sure which yet. The Tuscola Winds quintet is going to premiere my Cork Pine Suite sometime in March; I guess I should get started on that one, too! And, lastly, the band piece I've written for the CMACB has re-ignited my passion for large works, and so -- can a symphony be far behind?? I have a quirky idea for a 4-movement orchestral work (might as well call it a symphony), but I want to try to line up a few things before I share more. Let's just say I'm going to try for a big-city premiere and see where that road takes me.

Thanks for rejoining, and check back often!  Now that things are working again, there's a lot of news to share. More soon.

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