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"Latin Dance Project" CD is here!

Posted on Sep 21 2010
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On my last post - too long ago to even really think of, yes? - I was basking in the glory of several performances and a recording with the Folias Latin Dance Project.  I said at that time that Tess and I wanted our professional association with our friends Andy & Carmen to continue, and that the hunt was on for a new name that would allow us to expand our repertoire.  Well, in the past year we ultimately decided to call our group the Great Lakes Art Music Ensemble…easily shortened to GLAM.  We tried several things to call attention to the fact that we're all Michigan musicians; some, like Mitten Music, were descriptive but too cutesy.  Other things were sly double entendres, such as Music 21…both because we were performing 21st century music, AND because we all live more-or-less right on M-21.  But, tons of folks had some sort of association with 21st century music already, so we didn't feel like that name set us apart enough.  We discarded some things for being to "metal," such as my championing of the name Sonica.  I guess the closest thing we almost chose was Sound Farmers, which we loved because it was weird, and we liked the visual element of "digging" for sound…but we finally figured we'd have too much explaining to do.  Great Lakes Art Music Ensemble both defines who & where we are, as well as what we play…and, it ensures that we're not limited to being a quartet if we want to expand or contract.

Okay, so the name-game is out of the way.  The BIG news is this:  GLAM's debut CD, now titled "Latin Dance Project," arrived today!!  Lucky family & friends will find themselves the beneficiaries of a copy (probably for the holidays, which makes us cheapskates AND self-serving!), White Pine Music will blanket public radio stations with the disc, and soon the general public will be able to purchase a copy on Amazon, CD Baby, or iTunes. 

In the wake of this release, GLAM is preparing a winter/spring tour.  We already have several gigs lined up, both as "house-concerts" and more traditional performances in halls at our respective colleges.  We're starting to investigate getting onto various chamber-music festivals, as well as the regional and national conferences that serve our collegiate profession and our various instruments.  Be on the lookout for GLAM near you, in 2011!

That's it for this news update.  More to come soon.

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