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Lots of excitement

Posted on Apr 17 2008
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*FLASH!* I've been to a big interview for a newly-created position in music theory/composition. Can't divulge the details as I was only the first of three candidates invited to campus, but what a thrill-ride! The geography of the area was stunning, the people were fantastic, and the school seems like it would be an excellent fit. I feel like I represented myself well, and presentations on research and pedagogy found me relaxed and confident. More on this as it happens!

*FLASH!* Much progress is being made on my new commission, "Echoes of Mackinac." You can read all the details under the Music menu, but a big shout-out of thanks needs to be holla-ed at the Mackinac Island Community Foundation for not only bringing modern art music to the Island, but for choosing ME to represent it! And, even though the piece isn't even completed yet, I've booked a performance at the Michigan Story Festival on October 25th. The quartet will perform each movement, with explanation by yours truly in between about the stories that inspired the music.

*FLASH!* The Folias Latin Dance Project is rollin' along and picking up a healthy head of steam. Tess and I are in intense rehearsals with Andy & Carmen, with a performance in Grand Rapids looming on May 7th. I applied for - and received! - an FRCE grant to fund a CD by our group, and it looks like we're going to work with the venerable Scott Burgess at White Pine Music. Recording dates are likely to be in late-May, and we're anticipating a summer 2008 release. After that, FLDP performs on Mackinac Island in late July, a warm-up gig for our invitation-only appearance at the National Flute Association Convention in Kansas City this August!

*FLASH!* "Fanfare and Overture" is beginning to make waves, with a recent performance by the CMU Wind Symphony and an upcoming concert at Mott College. Director Mary Procopio has asked me over next week to coach a rehearsal and deliver a composition seminar afterwards. Sounds like fun!

With so much going on, I need to remember that the semester is almost over, which only means there's more time for more work around the house. That's okay though; after such a busy semester - year, really! - I'm almost looking forward to mowing the lawn again! Almost.

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