Birdsong for alto saxophone and marimba (commissioned work) (2003)

Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra (1999)

Cork Pine Suite for woodwind quintet (commissioned work) (2007)

Criss for percussion ensemble (2008)

Dementia in A for double bass with piano accompaniment (2003)

Dreams of Glory for young band, orchestra and choir (commissioned work) (2010)

Duo Concertante for clarinet and bassoon (commissioned work) (2000)

Echoes of Mackinac for flute, clarinet, violin, bass & percussion (2008)

Episode I for clarinet with electronic accompaniment (commissioned work) (2004)

Eulogy for marimba duo with perc. ensemble accompaniment (commissioned work) (2002)

Extremities for flute and double bass (2010)

Fanfare and Overture for wind symphony (commissioned work) (2006)           

Four Short Dances for flute and clarinet (commissioned work) (2003)

He’s Gone Away for women’s chorus (1991)

Legends of Mackinac for flute, double bass, and percussion (2015)

Modal Sketches for flute, guitar, and marimba (2000)

Respite Along The Chippewa for SATB choir (2005)

Scenes of Mackinac for flute, vibraphone, and cello (2001)

Scotsmen Fanfare for marching band (commissioned work) (2000)

Taiko for percussion ensemble (1996)

Tango Fantasy for flute, alto flute, guitar & percussion (2007)

The Laughter and the Music for soprano, contralto, piano and flute (2013)

The Summoning of Katakhanes for percussion duet (commissioned work) (2005)

Thunder on the Bay for percussion ensemble (commissioned work) (1998)

Today I Feel… for mezzo-soprano and piano (2003)

Voices of Water for young band, orchestra and choir (commissioned work) 2011

Vortex for flute choir (2012)

Walk Suite for solo marimba (1997, 2001-2002)

Water Sounds for percussion ensemble (1990)

Words of the Prophet for S-A-T-B choir (2009)