Echoes of Mackinac

A commission from the Mackinac Island Community Foundation, Echoes is a sibling to my earlier chamber piece Scenes of Mackinac.  Where that piece realised a 3-movement vision of the way I see different physical locations of the Island, Echoes is approached from a standpoint of time.  Each of the three movements connotes one particular "era" of the Island, delivered as musical stories.  The first movement, “Tears of the Maiden,” travels back in time to the Mackinac of legend and the formation of Arch Rock.  One Chippewa story tells of an Indian maiden whose tears wash away the limestone, crying for a sky-god love she is forbidden to marry; the music is based on transcriptions by ethnomusicologist Frances Densmore.  The second movement, “Col. Croghan's Troops,” is a march styled on early 19th-century military music; Col. Croghan was a commander ordered from Detroit to retake the Island from the British during the waning days of the War of 1812.   The last movement, “Stewart Woodfill Saves the Grand!,” is a Charleston-style dance dedicated to the look and feel of the mighty Grand Hotel during its 1920s glory under the ownership of W. Stewart Woodfill.